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At Sasquatch Ticket, we offer:

- Instant, integrated sales at every box office, website & phone center.

- Anytime will call at any window.

- Ticket scanning at every admission gate.

- Immediate verification of ticket authenticity.

- Live attendance reporting, by customer, seat and selection.

- 24/7 web sales, with print-at-home technology.

- Smartphone ticket delivery & display with paperless scanning.

- Redirection advertising codes for Facebook event integration.

Why Us?

Partnership-Based Sales

1 client at a time. That is how Sasquatch Ticket grows its business. By having experienced venue ticket sellers working for Sasquatch in order to help your ticket sales grow.

PCI Compliance

We utilize A PCI DSS Level-One-Compliant Service Provider for a reason.

We do not store sensitive cardholder data, such as card account numbers, expiration dates or CVV security codes. We take your data security seriously from the start.

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